Clark Magnet welcomes Ms. Tatevosian

Narine Tatevosian has joined the staff as Clark Magnet’s newest English teacher with the recent departure of Mary Mardirosian, who began a new position this week at Cerritos Elementary School as a teacher specialist.

Tatevosian graduated from Clark in 2007, the second teacher to do so and return (the first is David Black, who graduated in 2004). She then went on with her studies at GCC. After a few years at GCC, she transferred to UCLA to get her Bachelor’s Degree. Afterwards, she went on to get her Master’s degree at USC.

Tatevosian came back to Clark as a student teacher. She then graduated from USC with teaching credentials, and until this past week worked as a long-term substitute for juniors and seniors at Hoover High School.

Now, she has returned to her alma mater as a teacher. “I love the Clark faculty, so I just felt like it would benefit both me as a teacher but also the students because of something that I can relate to and understand,” she said.