Seniors return from weekend Catalina trip

Allen Dishigrikyan, Staff Writer

For many people, Catalina Island is as foreign as Oklahoma. For senior Kirk Mekerdichian, however, it’s just a walk down memory lane.

Last Saturday, Mekerdichian and 67 of his fellow seniors assembled at 7 a.m. in Clark en route to the Long Beach harbor. There they boarded a passenger ferry for the one-hour commute to the city of Avalon on Catalina’s southeast coast.

Some seniors expressed their fervor prior to leaving Clark. “I’m more excited about the boat ride than anything else. I love naval vessels,” Mederdichian said.

The excursion was part of the 12th annual Senior Catalina Trip organized by the ASB. Tickets for the trip included a free game of minigolf and tokens for arcade games.

Upon arrival in Avalon at 11 a.m., students were told to meet back at the dock no later than 5:15 p.m. Several seniors started the day by eating at local restaurants and burger joints, followed by hitting the golf courses and renting bicycles.

However, Catalina had more to offer than on-land activities. Karo Papazyan and his friends were thrilled to have gone snorkeling and parasailing. “You can’t imagine what a great time we had in just a few hours,” he said.

Around noon, some seniors reported seeing half-clad men and women flocking to the coast, where loud music was being played. The 21-and-over rave party was strictly off limits for Clark teens; however, some tried to gain access anyway.

17-year-old Alin Torosian attempted to breach security, but ultimately failed. “I just wanted to see what college life was all about,” Torosian said. She later added, “It was worth the hassle.”

Upon leaving the island, students were privileged to witness the Californian sunset under clear skies. However, some complained about how quickly the trip ended. “This was a vacation for all of us,” Mekerdichian said. “I just wish it could be a ‘stay’-cation.”