Clark Magnet holds Senior Bar-B-Q


AJ Ajdah Garcia

Students line up to receive their choice of hot dogs or burgers.

Keeping up with Clark Magnet High School tradition, the Associated Student Body and the Class of 2014 held their annual Senior Barbeque last Friday. As usual, students took their senior panorama picture and then gathered across the auditeria at 11 a.m. to begin the festivities.

This year’s senior barbeque consisted of hot dogs and burgers prepared by teacher Randy Tiffany and his crew. Seniors then were given lanyards, iced drinks and leis.

The Senior Barbeque could not have been possible without the efforts of several ASB officers, among others. “We have been working here since 8 a.m., but the faces of all the happy seniors at the end of the day makes it worth the hard-work,” said ASB Director of Technologies Anais Panossian. Although some seniors complained about the long lines and insufficient leis, senior Luiz Urias said it was still an “overall success.”

Seniors were excited about getting out of third period quickly, while others were excited about the free food. “Free food and no class, that’s what I’m talking about,” said senior David De Leon. But according to senior Sophie Melikian, “Us seniors needed this, the stress of the first month of senior year is overwhelming.”