Ramon Reads Writing, Ep. 1: “Something More”


RAMON READS WRITING  is a periodic podcast aired by the Publications Class from Clark Magnet High School in La Crescenta, CA, hosted by Ramon Tumbucon.

This week’s reading comes from the deepest archives of the Internet. Based off of Nathaniel Hawthrone’s acclaimed The Scarlet Letter, an unknown Argentinian author writes an alternate conclusion for the novel. In the alternate universe of Something More, Hester Prynne’s daughter, Pearl, has turned seventeen years old and Hester Prynne has found a new boyfriend named Louis. An argument at the dinner table pits Louis and Pearl together in a mental challenge, that leaves the listener wondering “What will become of this daughter-father relationship?”

Join Ramon through his emotional and vocal journey to conclusion of this thriller. Light up some candles and drink some tea, as you are transported into the world of words.