College: A Demand of Expectations.



College application season can be stressful between balancing school and other non-school activities.

College application season is one of the most memorable yet stressful times for high school seniors. Seniors face the pressure of applying to their dream colleges whether it is in-state, out-of-state, or even out of the country while juggling school and life activities.

The balance between AP classes, sports, extracurriculars, and the added application season stress, can make senior year quite overwhelming for students.  As high school seniors are on the route to finishing their applications, there is a feeling of anxiousness and excitement towards the end of it. The waiting game is the phrase that alludes to the beginning of the second semester when college decisions roll in. 

Colleges have a high demand of expectations on high school seniors because their decisions play a big factor in determining one’s awaiting future. Usually, their expectations are well-rounded students, maintain stellar academic records, can play multiple sports, and the list goes on.

Senior Lauren Chang shares her feelings of pressure when applying to colleges. “My parents do not want to directly push me too hard, but I know that they expect me to go somewhere really prestigious.” Although there are endless possibilities when students are not admitted to their dream colleges, this should serve as a reminder that one needs to know their self-worth and not let others define that, even if it’s their dream college. 

Ivy League schools especially glorify their institution and prestige because of the social presence they want to maintain in society. These schools elevate a facade in a way where students are challenged and determined to be accepted. Students who are not admitted into ivy league schools should not be discouraged, but rather know there is always another pathway for them to take. 

Most colleges have a handful of expectations when they consider one for admission, colleges should allow students to feel excited when they apply, not the opposite feelings of discouragement or anxiety. 

College applications, in general, can put an enormous amount of pressure on students. Still, it’s important to recognize the possibility of success through one’s achievements and not simply from a rejection letter. 

There is a constant worry between fear, finances, leaving home, not being successful, and other stressful factors when it comes to applying for distinct colleges. A survey was presented in, nearly 75 percent of high school seniors are concerned about their financial situation and their families’ financial hardship. The sudden built-up anxiety about the cost of tuition or how to easily pay for college expenses can be quite a turmoil for families who don’t have the money or capabilities to do so. 

There may be some cases where students are unable to afford to attend a college or university, but they can still be successful. According to, peoplecan be successful without obtaining a college degree, but instead utilizing their skills and talent until they get hired. Although the people’s education is important, if a person is determined, self-disciplined, and goal-oriented it is possible to be successful without attending a four-year university. 

There is an endless amount of expectations colleges and universities have for incoming freshmen students. Although it is pressuring and can seem daunting, it is important to remember one’s self-worth, and that everything happens for a reason. College application season may be the most stressful time for high school seniors, but enjoying and creating unforgettable memories with one’s senior class is equally as important.