Want An Escape From Reality? Start Journaling


Psychology Today

Journaling for even a few minutes per day can lead to extraordinary results and a difference being made in the life of an individual.

With the amount of stress in the lives of students, one may feel as if they cannot think clearly due to the lack of control they may have to monitor their everyday lifestyle. Trying to manage social life along with school can be difficult and as time passes, there are more responsibilities to be held accountable for. Some students may turn to exercising, drawing, and numerous other activities, but one that every student should expose themselves to is journaling due to its many advantages. 

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, journal writing assists individuals struggling with stress, depression, and anxiety. Writing may improve mental health and help many cope with their emotions. Journal writing can be of the utmost importance to maintain an organized schedule which can ease the tension students may feel, as the school semester approaches an end. 

During the pandemic, numerous students were able to benefit immensely from writing in their journals. Some wrote to vent and let their feelings out, others wrote to clear their mind of the tasks yet to complete. “Journal writing allowed me to be able to keep track of my schedule,” junior Elvina Narinyans said. “During quarantine, with all the zoom meetings I had to join and my after school activities, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with any of it if I hadn’t written my agenda in my journal.” Not only is journal writing useful for one to plan out their daily tasks, but the majority write for the purpose of expressing their feelings. “Since I was a child, I’ve had this diary that I would write down all my thoughts in and when I look back at it, I can tell how much I’ve grown as a person,” Junior Emily Zargarian said. 

On top of being used for the purpose of keeping track of activities and expressing one’s feelings, journaling is an amazing way students can be able to understand themselves and take note of events or situations that may trigger bad habits. Fear is a factor that leads to the anxiousness most students feel, whether it is the fear of failure or of spiders. An individual may use this particular hobby to not let their fears consume them by putting all their thoughts on paper. Journaling allows one to release the emotions they have been piling up inside of them and aids in developing a more positive mindset. 

According to positivepsychology.com, “people diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder reported significantly lower scores after three days of excessive writing, 20 minutes per day.” Students who may suffer from depression are able to shield themselves from their negative thoughts and it can lead to a sense of identity being created, as individuals are able to learn more about their character, strengths, and weaknesses. 

With technology playing a major role in our lives, it is easy for people to be consumed by its compelling nature. Journaling is an escape and all it requires is a pencil and paper. No structure is necessary and all that needs to be done is writing, whether that may be scribbles or run-on sentences. Spending even a few minutes a day writing on paper gives one the power to shape who they are and who they can be. Every desire, fear, goal, concern can be written about and as an individual does, they can let go of many things holding them back from fulfilling their dreams. One form of journal writing can be gratitude writing which provides one with relief from all the burdens they have. Reflecting on the many things one may be thankful to have and experience gives the same feeling as taking a breath of fresh air after a long day. “Each and every person has something going on in their life that they feel is too personal to speak about, so that’s where journal writing comes into play and lets people pour their entire heart out,” Junior Julie Adiguezalian said. 

The beauty of life is formed through special memories and as we grow up, small parts of our life that have been very memorable could not be as easily remembered. To keep intact and preserve special memories in life, journaling would be a wonderful way to do so. As seniors approach graduation, one of the most important and unforgettable moments would be the second they say their final goodbyes. 

Four years filled with laughter, joy, and tears can be cherished through writing. The thought that a new chapter is yet to begin and nothing will ever be the same as the seniors are going their separate ways can drive many to tears. Every spark of emotion can be recorded in journals and kept for our older selves to look back upon, as we are able to experience the same rush of feelings we will have as the day comes closer.