Bryan Han

Mary Kartashian

“Well my childhood was spent mostly with my grandparents because my mom was going to nursing school and my dad had to work, so over the years I started to appreciate them more. Family has been a big part of my life and has mostly influenced for who I am today by showing be that the small things in life don’t matter if you are happy with the way you are. My family doesn’t do much for fun because they’re always so busy with work or with their personal lives but this June, my cousin got married and it was really nice for everyone to come together and celebrate It was very beautiful and emotional . I was fortunate enough to  have been a bridesmaid so I had more personal and “exclusive” experience of the wedding overall. Most of the music played was Spanish music. The music overall sounds so exotic and beautiful and has inspired me to take Spanish so I can understand the lyrics Someone like MALUMA with such a charming voice that soothes you is one of my like singer icons. He is so popular and has a voice of an angel. Everything about him is just amazing.”

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