Ani Babayan

“For me, it has to be art and being able to have an emotional outlet and expressing your ways through creation. Specifically, I’ve been writing for a couple years, and I’ve been into theater. These two things have become really important for me, and I’m going to pursue them for the rest of my life. It doesn’t even matter to be if it’s not a profession, because it’ll still be an important hobby. I don’t necessarily have a favorite author, even though I am a fan of the Edgar Allen Poe types. What really matters is if the author can project what he wants in his writing. So really, it matters more by book rather than author. I want to write a novel for my senior project, but I don’t have anything specific in mind yet. I’ve always been a creative, even from a young age, and so being to find an outlet through where I could project what I was feeling was something quite important to me, and will forever continue to be.”

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