Diana Antonyan

“Friends and family. You have their back and they have your back, and they just want what’s best for you, and you want what’s best for them. I would probably only consider about a handful of people to truly be my family, because I like to keep my circle small. That way I believe you have a better connection with them. I don’t really see myself expanding my small bubble of family because I’m really happy with who I have in my life right now. But I don’t mind having people by my side because I communicate and I socialize with a lot of people. Being considered family though, is something I don’t just label everyone as because it something special to me. What differentiates family from everyone else is how they approach you whenever you make a mistake. They tell you in a way where it shows that they want what’s best for you.  The whole idea of being related by blood is a complete lie to me because love needs to be proven through thick and thin.”

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