‘Knockout City’ is the first big dodgeball game to be released to the public, but is it any good?


Gary Tokatlian

Pictured is the official video game cover for Knockout City.

For the past few months, the gaming world has been very dry and dull. This is due to the fact that no new eye-catching video games have been released to the public in months. The reason for this is that even after a year’s time, not everyone can get their hands on the newest released consoles yet such as the PS5 or Xbox Series X.

This drought of high quality video games gave Electronic Arts (EA) a great opportunity to release a new game and never seen before concept. Knockout City is a dodgeball-themed video game that allows you to play with up to eight of your friends at the same time.

As mentioned before, since the game has a never seen before concept, it could have turned out really well, or could have turned out to be a complete flop. By the looks of it, the game has certainly been enjoyed by the public so far. The game has at least a rating of 80 percent out of 100 for all different reviewing platforms, and has a 10/10 rating from Steam.

The game has several different game modes and maps that you can choose and play from. You can choose whether you and your friends want to play against each other or you can team up with them and play against others online.

Although, as of right now the game still needs many updates and improvements as it has just been released and all the initial flaws are starting to show. Also, since the game has just been released to the public, the servers are very laggy since there is a plethora of players playing the game right now. These issues should not worry those who have bought the game because they are easy changes that will be fixed over time.

I found the game very entertaining to play. The game doesn’t seem as interesting from just watching the trailer due to the fact that the game’s concept is very simple and easy to play. But, once you start to actually play the game, you will find yourself really enjoying the game, especially if you are playing with friends, and I suggest any gamer give it a try.

The game was released May 21, and had a 10-day free trial to anyone who downloaded the game in order to try it out before they buy it. This was a great move on the part of EA because by only watching the game, many people would probably end up avoiding a game based on dodgeball. With the free trial, it got many of its players to give the game a test run and buy it after finding out that they are enjoying the game.

Knockout City is currently $20 for the standard edition and $30 for the special edition of the game that comes with costumes and celebrations. The game is fairly priced considering that you can unlock new moves and specialties from playing the game itself, unlike Fortnite, which is a free game but makes all its money from people buying skins.

In general, Knockout City looks like it’s a fun game that many people are going to buy and play with their friends. The game looks very exciting as of right now, and will hopefully continue to improve over time.