‘Fifa 21’ is one of the best Fifas in the past few years

‘Fifa 21’ is a win to many gamers around the world


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‘FIFA 21’ is now released on all consoles, including the new PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Every soccer fan in the world who loves video games was ecstatic about the release of Fifa 21 on the new PS5 or Xbox. But the question is, does the game live up to its hype, or is it a disappointment.

In the past few years, Fifa has been getting worse according to many reviews and gamers who have been consistently playing Fifa throughout the years. Ever since Fifa 15, the game has been on a downward spiral losing customers and fans in general.

The problem with previous years of Fifa is that the Electronic Arts (EA) company, which produces Fifa, started to make the game too realistic. You may be thinking that if the game is becoming too realistic then it should be headed on the right track, but this isn’t the case.

In a sports video game, especially with a sport like soccer that tends to have almost no goals in many games that are played in real life, it starts to become boring for some players. With that same type of realism in a game, it would also start to make the game itself dull.

What everyone is looking for in Fifa is the ability to score plenty of goals and have an intense and thrilling match every time you start a game of Fifa. So far it seems like EA has done a very good job with making the game more of an arcade style in Fifa 21.

In Fifa 21 they have brought back some of the main gameplay features from the better Fifas, such as Fifa 14 and 15, which have made the game very enjoyable.

In Fifa 21, unlike past years, players have a variety of options to score. They have made pace more relevant again which allows goals off through balls. They have made crossing usable again which also gives a player to score goals in the air other than just having to ground pass. Longshots can be scored again, and they have made the AI have less of an impact on the game, which will reward the better player in a win.

Although the game may still face some issues every year such as AI assistance being a bit too overpowered, or the ball always finding a way to bounce back to the offensive team even when they are tackled, these concerns are getting less noticeable over time.

Another huge improvement that has many people enjoying Fifa 21 is the improved graphics on the new consoles. The graphics are so realistic that it almost seems as if you are watching a real game on television.

Many new animations have also been added which make the game more exciting to play. Now when you score a goal in the final minutes of a game, every player on the team starts to run towards and celebrate with the goal scorer.

Overall, Fifa 21 is one of the best Fifa games in terms of graphics, gameplay and enjoyment. The game has drastically improved in Fifa 21 from the past few Fifas such as Fifa 19 and 20 which have some of the worst reviews in Fifa history.

EA Sports has done a very good job in developing a great Fifa this year. Hopefully they don’t release too many patches throughout the year which will change the gameplay over the course of the year. But so far it looks like this year is going to be a great year for Fifa.

The game is currently out for any consoles that have been made in the past few years, and is listed at $60. But, if you currently own a PS4 or XBOX 1, you can buy a bundle that will allow you to download the game on the newest Playstation or XBOX as soon as you get them.