FIFA 18 hits the crossbar in what seems to be an ‘average game’


Rafael Aroustamian, Photographer

Sports games are games that are not that popular, with the shocking increase in interest in shooters, but they still have an impact on the gamer world. Some famous YouTubers get their main following due to FIFA and other sports games, including W2S, KSI, Chris Smoove and ChrisMD. All of these YouTubers played mainly sports games such as NBA2K and FIFA and gained an extremely large following. KSI, a British youtuber, has more subscribers than the population of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. COMBINED.

Sports games are mainly played to stimulate fantasies, or to stimulate that one question: What if? What if Arsenal FC bought three new players to clinch their title win? What if Lebron James played for the Brooklyn Nets? What if Tom Brady retired 10 years earlier? What if I can make my own team and have the best players?

Although the companies that make the sports games claim that they add new ways to play the games along with new teams, the basic concept stays the same. Whenever you start up these games, you basically have six ways of playing: play now, start a career, practice, make an ultimate team, start a player career, and play online. Most of these modes have not been changed since the earliest FIFAs come out.Despite additions such as cutscenes and more realistic transfer negotiations, FIFA 18 doesn’t impress those who have been playing the FIFA franchise since day one.

One of the more impressive modes in FIFA 18 was co-developed by EA-Dice, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. EA-Dice uses Frostbite 3, a game engine that enhances the way players look, sound and play. This has led to the seemingly successful making of the Journey campaign. This gamemode takes place through the eyes of an English  soccer prodigy Alex Hunter.

As soon as you load up this feature, you get to tailor how Alex looks, sounds and plays (with some restrictions, of course). This new take on a footballer’s life in and out of the locker room was first established in FIFA 17 (the prequel to FIFA 18), and the sequel is on FIFA 18. Without the help of the frostbite 3 engine, FIFA 18 would have sold fewer than 100,000 copies.

Although FIFA 18 has introduced new graphics and a sequel to the Journey, it still is a “different apple from the same tree.” As if new colors and background music are the only other difference in the game. As it is, FIFA 18 is a lackluster game that doesn’t bring enough to the table to satisfy the gamers need for new modes. As FIFA 19 is being currently developed, we can only hope that Electronic Arts makes up this “bland sequel.”