MacBooks return with new designs


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The new Macbook attracts many customers

The new MacBook Pro is here, and it’s looking better than ever. With the addition of the new touch bar feature, the laptop looks like a piece of technology from the future. However, this is not the only thing that’s changed. Apple has completely redesigned the new MacBook Pro. From improved audio, to the new fan design, the new MacBook has captured the attention of many consumers worldwide.

Other exciting features include the addition of Siri on the computer, along with having the chance to choose from two colors, including the original silver option along with the new addition of space grey. Compared with the previous MacBooks, the new ones include a LED light for each key, giving it a more stylish look and at the same time making it easier to use in the dark. People using some of the recent iPhones who are familiar with touch id will find the same feature found on these MacBooks.

Furthermore, the new MacBook Pro is especially beneficial to those who enjoy travelling, as the new Mac is 17 percent thinner, exceeding the previous generation of MacBooks, with up to 10 hours of battery life. The trendy laptop can also be favorable to music fanatics as well as movie lovers, as it is renewed with 25 percent more color, 130 percent faster graphics, and 58 percent more volume with 2.5 times louder bass along with twice the range compared to older models.

With new features such as these, there is also a negative side for people who want to obtain one of these new MacBooks.

The prices for these newly designed Macs can be as high as $2,799, which is an expensive price considering that laptops such as Toshiba and Lenovo are sold with much lower prices. However, I think the money is worth spending for these new computers from Apple because of the addition of the new, exciting features and their capability of performing various tasks using just one computer.