iPhone 7 lives up to the hype


Photo via wikipedia.org under Creative Commons License

This is a picture of the new iPhone 7 in the glossy “Jet Black.”

Apple users have long-awaited the launch of the new iPhone 7 on Sept. 7. This innovation first gave consumers a shock with the release of a new iPhone without a headphone jack. While Android users have rejoiced and continued to condemn Apple products, specifically trashing the device’s lack of a headphone port, they fail to address to actuality of the situation.

This isn’t to say the new iPhone is some kind of revolutionary technological advancement, because it’s not. It doesn’t impress me enough to gush over it, but I’ve grown to like this phone a lot. It does prove worthy of an improved Apple product.

Although quite similar in design to the iPhone 6s, it is noticeably thinner and lighter. This is mainly due to the controversial removal of the headphone port. Having owned the iPhone 6 for about two years before getting the 7, there isn’t too much of a difference. 

With memes exploding over the Internet about the dreaded headphone jack adaptor and pricey AirPods, this exaggeration must be put to rest. You don’t need to buy the expensive AirPods. I’m certainly not spending around $200 for a pair. The phone comes with its own set of headphones which connect to where you charge your phone, as well as an adaptor. This adaptor is so small, so you can still use pretty much any pair of headphones without some big wire attachment. I can’t charge my phone and listen to music on my phone simultaneously now, but it’s not a big deal. I adjusted pretty quickly to the phone and it’s still pretty convenient.

Aside from being thinner and still having the convenience of listening to music, this phone has a visually appealing look whether you get the glossy “Jet Black” finish or the matte colors: silver, gold, rose gold and black. I got mine is matte black and have received a lot of compliments.

I thoroughly enjoy the design of the iPhone 7, even its newly-engineered Home “button.” It’s not really like a button anymore but you get used to it. I just have to put my finger on it and my phone turns on, which is neat. It is also waterproof with a much more advanced camera. I don’t have an issue of getting my phone wet because I’m careful with my phone, but the camera helps a lot.

A lot of hype was surrounding the iPhone 6 camera back when it came out in 2014, and it wasn’t as grand as they made it out to be. With the 7, however, I’ve been pleased with the result. Its focus is a lot better and the live action photos are really fun.

A comparison of the iPhone 6 (pictured above) and the iPhone 7 (below). The iPhone 7 is thinner and lacks the headphone port.
Photo via wikipedia.org under Creative Commons License
A comparison of the iPhone 6 (pictured above) and the iPhone 7 (below). The iPhone 7 is thinner and lacks the headphone port.

One of Apple’s biggest issues has been resolved with the release of this new phone: a longer-lasting battery life. This is my favorite thing about the new iPhone. My old phone would lose its battery so fast. Before I changed my phone to the seven a few days ago, my 6’s battery was dying within the span of a few hours even though I would hardly use it. The iPhone 7 lasts all day even with continual use. Apple’s new software, iOS10, has made texting a lot more fun due to the addition of sketching and GIFs, but is arguably redundant. I don’t feel a need to send my friends “fireballs” or “heartbeats.” It’s kind of weird. However, the sketching feature and “invisible ink” add-ons are fun.

I got the iPhone 7 because T-Mobile had a promotion where you could get the new iPhone “for free” by trading in your older model. It was definitely worth it, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten the 7 for a good while otherwise. There’s not too much of a difference between the 6 and 7 to have made me rush to get it changed. However, I am enjoying this phone more and more every day.

Vivid colors, lightweight and convenient, this phone was worth getting. Would it be worth it to change from an iPhone 6? Probably not since they’re quite similar. However, those with earlier generations or Androids should look into investing into this new Apple product.