Pokitomik fuses the Holy Trinity of food

Combine poke, sushi and burritos and you’ll get Pokitomik



The Pokitomik Burrito, their staple food, is delicious and a perfect meal.

Pokitomik is a fusion restaurant that combines Japanese, Hawaiian and Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is based on a sort of pick-what-you-want bar style that makes three main types of dishes. Customers can either order a burrito, bowl or taco. The restaurant is most known for the burrito. But these are not your ordinary burritos made with tortillas and filled with beans. These burritos are completely made of rice and nori wrap similar to what you would see on the outside of a roll of sushi. Inside the burrito you have the option of putting several types of fish such as spicy tuna, albacore and salmon.

Your choice of marination is added to the ingredients and begins the process of picking the greens. Vegetables and legumes can be added ranging from cilantro, jalapenos and edamame. There are also options to include things with more texture such as fried onions which add a sweet crunch.

I decided to get the staple of Pokitomik (the burrito) and made sure to get a variety of fresh fish along with vegetables. My burrito consisted of white rice and nori wrap on the exterior which was later rolled in crushed hot Cheetos. Inside the burrito I got spicy tuna, spicy crab, edamame, cilantro, cucumbers, scallions and fried onions. Finally, it was finished off with eel sauce and spicy mayo. 

My overall impression of the meal was that it was very fresh. I had never experienced a restaurant that had a bar style assembly line that included raw fish in the mix. You can see workers actually filleting the fish in the back of the restaurant which is then directly brought to the front for display.

The restaurant has a comforting environment since it’s small. It allows for an efficient way to order while really feeling like you’ve entered into a special area. The colorful walls and creative catch phrases like “Raw Explosion” and “Taste the Blast” add a playful touch. The restaurant offers outdoor seating which has been crucial during the pandemic. 

As traditional poke always is, this meal was very refreshing and filling. It’s the perfect quick stop for a tasty summer meal. A lot of times when looking for a meal on a hot day you have to sacrifice how filling it is. This poke burrito was the perfect balance for being filling yet not a hot steeping dish that would otherwise be unpleasant during a hot summer day. 

Pokitomik was an overall positive experience with amazing customer service and fresh tasty food. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.


Location: 1351 E Colorado St Unit B, Glendale, CA 91205

Hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m., Mon-Sun

Phone: 818-696-2278