North Pole Snow Cream serves unique treats in the Glendale Galleria


Lilit Krkasharian

Dragon Breath at North Pole Snow Cream

Lilit Krkasharian, Yearbook Section Editor

In a quaint little corner of the third floor of the Glendale Galleria, North Pole Snow Cream, a small ice cream shop serves delicious, cold treats to shoppers of the Glendale Galleria. Their fast, organized service makes it convenient for people who want a quick, portable dessert to munch on while they are shopping.

One of the most popular items on North Pole Snow Cream’s menu is dragon breath. The appearance of this dessert is very appealing to the eye, with colorful puffs in a tall, plastic cup and smoke wandering out of the cup. Based on its popularity and appearance, it seemed like this dessert would taste wonderful. However, it was quite the opposite, tasting merely like cold froot loops. I later learned that the dessert was comprised of ice cream cereal balls with liquid nitrogen poured over it, explaining its dull taste.

Although the taste of the dragon breath was not anything special, the fun of eating it made the trip of going to North Pole Snow Cream completely worth it. While eating the dragon breath, the smoke from the liquid nitrogen comes out of your nose and mouth, providing a funny and interesting time for friends to share. It was not as delicious as ice cream, but it definitely made for a cool experience that everyone should try at least once.

For people who do not wish to try the dragon breath at North Pole Snow Cream, the shop also serves several flavors of snow cream that can be embellished with toppings and drizzles. North Pole Snow Cream is a great choice for cold desserts because of their unique menu and also because they donate a small part of their profits to organizations that take care of polar animals and the environment, while also using spoons that are biodegradable and will not hurt the environment.