BTS Releases new single, ‘Butter’



BTS releases their new English single “Butter,” shocking ARMY worldwide.

BTS released a new English song “Butter” on May 20 and in just the first 24 hours of its release, it  reached 108.2 million views. This beats their first English song, “Dynamite,” with just 101.1 million views over the first 24 hours of its release. 

“Butter” is a dance pop track with a summer, upbeat vibe. “‘Dynamite’ was like an upbeat disco pop. We try to give hope to global listeners in the middle of the pandemic,” BTS group leader RM said in a Billboard interview, “‘Butter’ is more like a summer anthem. Just all of the positive vibes and upbeat energy in one song.” 

Clark sophomore Lauren Chang said that “Butter” gives off a similar vibe to this first song “Dynamite.” “It reminds me of dancing at a disco party with your friends,” Chang said. “Overall, I like the song. It feels happy and upbeat, which I love in songs. And each member has their own unique part.”

Along with “Butter” being released, BTS has also shown new styles in clothing such as being the new ambassador for Louis Vuttion and having new hair colors. 

In the BTS “Butter” teaser photos, multiple members are shown with new hair colors. Jeon Jungkook’s hair is purple; that soon started trending on Twitter. Park Jimin has multi-colored hair, Jung Hoseok (J-hope) has blonde hair and RM has light red hair.

On the day of the release, BTS held a special countdown event where the BTS members talked about what to expect from “Butter” 15 minutes before the actual release of the music video. 

Senior Carol Rodriguez said that “Butter” has risen to the top of the list of favorite BTS songs. “When I first saw the music video, I could not stop smiling and my mouth was wide open  from how surprised I was with how perfect the song is,” Rodriguez said. “While I love ‘Dynamite’ with my entire heart, I do have to say that ‘Butter’ took its place on the throne.”

Three days after the release, BTS performed “Butter” on the 2021 Billboard Music awards and they won all four nominated awards: Top duo/group, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Social Artist and Top Selling Song. 

BTS has also made other appearances after their release of “Butter,” such as being the guests of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where they performed “Butter,” but also doing a funny skit with Colbert. 

On iHeartRadio, 2021 BTS has also won all of the awards they were nominated for, those nominations being Fan Army, Music Video and Duo/Group. BTS did not perform because earlier that day they performed “Dynamite” and “Butter” on Good Morning America for their GMA Summer Concert Series 2021.

BTS has made a lot of achievements and announcements ever since the release of “Butter.” BTS has  broken five Guinness World Records. Releasing a BTS meal worldwide at McDonald’s, the meal includes 10 piece nuggets, fries, a drink and two special sauces that are from Korea — sweet chili and cajun. On May 27, BTS also released the hotter remix version of “Butter.” 

Global phenomenon BTS is taking the world by storm with “Butter,” and with BTS having another album release soon and their eighth year anniversary of their debut in June, their fans (ARMY) are ecstatic to see what BTS has planned for the future.