Surfaces takes their fans on an uplifting adventure with their new single ‘Sail Away’


Pamela Faller

Surfaces released their single’s official music video on YouTube Sept. 9.

“Sail Away,” Surfaces’ third single of 2020, was released Aug. 27, just three days after the duo revealed on their Instagram and Twitter accounts that they would be releasing a new song. 

Made up of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki, Surfaces was formed in 2017 out of College Station, Texas. Frank reached out to Padalecki through Instagram’s direct message feature, inviting him to hang out. What originally began as an idea to have fun soon sparked a connection between two musicians from Texas. 

Since 2017 the duo has released three albums: Surf (2017), Where The Light Is (2019) and Horizons (2020). Their second album features their number one hit and platinum-certified “Sunday Best,” which reached #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart Mar. 16, 2020. Frank and Padalecki performed their hit song on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Aug. 10. Before “Sail Away,” Surfaces was able to collaborate with one of their idols, Elton John, on their single “Learn To Fly.”

Surfaces, with their song-writing, producing and instrumental skills, illustrates positive, worry-free vibes both aurally and visually. 

The single’s beat indubitably makes the song much more enjoyable to listen to. With its tropical sound, the beat sets a beachy scene that perfectly matches the title and lyrics. 

The song’s lyrics add a carefree mood to its melody and rhythm. My favorite part of the song is definitely the chorus:

“Sail away with me tonight (hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm)

In the morning we can leave it all behind (ooh)

Sail away with me tonight (hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm)

In the morning we can leave it all for paradise”

The “Sail Away” official lyric video was released on YouTube Aug. 28 and features the sailboat from the song’s cover art. The animation’s calm movement and soothing colors creates the true experience of sailing away with Surfaces to paradise.

With everything that’s happened this year —  from the coronavirus outbreak to reoccurring acts of racial injustice — the single allows listeners to escape from reality even if it’s only for three and a half minutes.

Our music exists to spread love and positivity across the world,” Surfaces said on their official website. “For those hurting, for those lost, we want every song to be a pathway that can lead anyone to brighter days.” And “Sail Away” does just that.