Lauv depicts young love in a fresh, new single called “Tattoos Together”


Wikimedia Commons

Lauv’s recent music has been received extremely well and is continually growing.

Lauv’s single entitled “Tattoos Together” was released Jan. 16, as a single for his album how i’m feeling, which is set to be released March 6. Lauv continues to stay true to his familiar easy-going rhythms and melodies that are present in his other songs, which really help in providing a relaxing feel to his music overall.

The single is about Lauv being in love with someone and claiming, “Give me shapes and letters/ if it’s not forever/ Then at least we’ll have tattoos together,” showing the carelessness of young love and throwing all caution to the wind. The song “Tattoos Together” has a prominent bass, repeating lyrics and consistent clapping. Combined with Lauv’s soft voice and hums, the single sounds like the perfect one to listen to after a hard day with a cup of hot tea.

The music video also complements the song well in terms of its playful and light-hearted nature. In the video, Lauv wakes up and walks through a street interacting with several people, including two men playing chess and him stealing a blue rose from someone as well, which is a reference to his most popular song in his previous album I Met You When I Was 18 called “I Like Me Better” in 2018. This song was Lauv’s big break, as it was his first song to reach over 220 million views on YouTube and number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

“This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done ‘cause I’ve recently done a few heavier, more existential videos but ‘Tattoos’ is just straight fun the whole time,” said Lauv in an interview with OutLoud Culture. “And I got to prove to the world once again that I can’t dance.”

Lauv’s new single is similar, yet oddly distinct compared to his previous music, which I have grown to love just before I Met You When I Was 18 was released.