Taylor Swift surprises fans with new single ‘Christmas Tree Farm’


Wikimedia Commons

Taylor Swift releases “Christmas Tree Farm” just in time for the holidays.

Beaune Calayag, Staff Writer

Three months following Taylor Swift’s debut album Lover, Swift surprises fans with her original Christmas song “Christmas Tree Farm,” which she wrote, produced and quickly released in a couple of days. 

When driving down long winding roads, one may hear Swift’s covers of traditional Christmas songs on the radio, and now she has released her own upbeat Christmas song just in time for the holidays.  

She surprised fans with “Christmas Tree Farm” which quickly rose to YouTube’s trending page upon its release and currently has 6.8 million views and 509,00 likes. Her lyrics are drawn from her relatable personal experiences. It’s no wonder she wrote her song about growing up on a Christmas tree farm. 

At the start of the video, Swift sits in the passenger seat staring out of a car window with headphones in her ear; the picture is colorless. It can be implied that she is listening to “Christmas Tree Farm” and her daydream begins as she closes her eyes. 

“My winter nights are taken up by static, stress, and holiday shopping traffic. 

But I close my eyes and I’m somewhere else just like magic.”

When she closes her eyes, the colorless picture fades away and the camera zooms into the lush-green snow-covered Christmas trees. Inside Swift’s daydream, she remembers her times as a young girl playing in the snow, taking pictures with Santa, and receiving her first guitar on Christmas Day. 

As the music video consists of her old home videos, the scenes are not compiled in a way that shows sequence. The editors put together different short clips in one video so there isn’t much of a storyline. The video should have ended with a scene where Swift gets out of her car and finally arrives at her destination, a Christmas tree farm. 

At the beginning, it may seem that “Christmas Tree Farm” is a slow song, but Swift transitions to an upbeat tone followed by the sound of jingle bells. Given the song’s rhythm and the rhyming lyrics, it won’t take long before the melody gets stuck in one’s head and has one singing along. My friends and I will definitely be playing “Christmas Tree Farm” during our holiday parties.