Why Don’t We releases their new single, ‘With You This Christmas,’ bringing holiday spirit back to life



Daniel Seavey, the producer of “With You This Christmas,” preforms at the Indiana State Fair.

It is that time of the year when a variety of artists, including bands, put their holiday hats on and start releasing all sorts of cheerful Christmas music. Two years ago, on Nov. 25, the boy-band Why Don’t We dropped a Christmas EP called “A Why Don’t We Christmas,” and now they are back. 

This year has been one hectic year for Why Don’t We, as they are currently taking part in their 8 Letters world tour. Aside from touring the world, the band has been releasing a single every month, and this month’s single is called “With You This Christmas.”

Produced by Daniel Seavey, one of the band members, this song is about teenage love and how the only thing that would make one’s heart warm is if they could spend Christmas with their loved one. 

In the beginning of the song, it may seem as though the melody is that of a lullaby, but not long after, the addictive beat drops, one that makes you groove along with the song and have it playing on repeat.

Zach Herron begins singing the first verse. One of the lines he sings is the following: “When we stay up talking way too much and we don’t even need any coffee to keep us up, no. / Yeah, I know that I’m feeling something, right when I’m next to you, oh.” This line describes the first steps to teenage love when both are staying up late, non-stop talking back and forth to each other, the hours feeling like minutes. 

Later on, Seavey starts singing the second verse, saying, “And to be honest, I can’t live without you. / Just ask my friends, they say I’m so about you. / Buy you anything you want, Gucci and Saint Laurent.” This line signifies that the person is now in love with their partner and how they would do anything just to be with them. 

Towards the end of the song, Corbyn Besson sings the line “Baby, can’t you see, can’t you see that I want you? / Yeah, I just want to be with you this Christmas.” The meaning behind this line is that after all this time, their partner is still oblivious and the only thing the person wants is to be able to spend it with them this Christmas. 

Within five days of release, “With You This Christmas” has managed to get over 300,000 streams on YouTube. This song definitely deserves a spot on the top 100 Christmas songs of 2019. The message behind this song is very beautiful and powerful since many teens can relate to it.  It is certainly one you can jam out to in your room on Christmas Day.