XXXTentacion’s released his new album, ‘Skins,’ a couple months after his death, leaving fans with many doubts


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The cover photo on XXXTentacion’s new album, Skins.

Emili Cruz Sosa, Staff Writer

During his lifetime, American singer, songwriter and rapper XXXTentacion has released many songs that were not only immensely popular, but also influenced many. After his assassination, that occured on June 8, XXXTentacion has still managed to inspire and encourage many people through his music. His newest album, Skins, was released Dec. 7.

The album itself is a beautiful piece of art. Skins consists of 10 songs, each song containing its own different meaning. XXXTentacion effectively combines raw acoustics with slow electronic sounds ― the kind that makes people snap back and ponder about reality.

But perhaps the most impressive aspect of Skins is XXXTentacion’s ability to communicate and express his feelings throughout the entire album. Many people, especially teens, feel a really deep connection to these songs.

Fans have found that the lyrics have a deeper meaning than just speaking about reality. One of XXXTentacion’s songs on the album is “Guardian Angel.” The backtrack of the song is one of XXXTentacion’s previous songs he composed, “Jocelyn Flores,” but played backwards. When the album was first released, many found this song to contain a special, deeper connection to XXXTentacion. Fans have heard verses such as “No pulse. Not safe in my car,” followed up by gun shots, all relating to the death of XXXTentacion.

XXXTentacion demands both comfort and realization in his ways. He questions why society is the way it is and questions why kids at such a young age are so depressed these days. He even hints at his own death with the lyrics on the track “Train food,” by saying “Death before your eyes, you prayin’ to God, but ain’t no response. Trying to scream for hope, just a shoulder that you could lean on.” He also ponders about what would have happened after his death by singing the lyrics, “You finna die here on this train track, cause’ clearly after death, ain’t no way you can find your way back,” then follow these lyrics up with, “Now your time finally up. Ask yourself the final question, is you going down or up?” “Now it’s here, death has now arrived, time’s finally up.”

It is a very emotional album, especially since it was released after his death. The meaning behind the album is truly inspirational.

Skins is not just a run for money or fame; it is XXXTentacion’s way of communicating with his fans after his death. He gives his fans a peek into his life, with not only thoughtful, but relatable music. His powerful voice sends the listener into a loophole, leaving us to question our own lives.