Slow Love and Bangin’ bangs its way to the top of the iTunes charts


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Trisha Gomez, Photographer

With over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube and exposure in the world of dance through the MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, the world-renowned dancer and choreographer Brian Puspos finally released his new EP, Slow Love and Bangin’, on Jan. 11. After two years of producing the 6-track EP, Puspos is able to portray his earlier life through music.

Upon the announcement of his first EP, Puspos dropped his first single, “Murder She Wrote,” on Oct. 26. The R&B influenced artist kept the classic R&B sound through not only the strong backbeat, but smooth and soulful vocals.

The track “Be Ready” was the second song released off of the Slow Love and Bangin’ EP on Jan. 6, in collaboration with Nylon Magazine. With the help of Grammy nominated artist Anderson Paak, they created an “unorthodox R&B joint,” which is completely true, giving the track a more modern twist on the genre. If Paak’s music is something you enjoy, this track may be up your alley.

“Starting Line,” the EP-starter, also my personal favorite, begins with one of the most dramatic and attention-grabbing introductions I’ve heard to date. However, after listening for a few more seconds, I was surprised by the change of rhythm, going from a big bang to a soft, acoustic guitar with an immense amount of bass, which is a combination that works really well.
Although I wish Puspos had released more tracks, this is just the start, not only for himself but for other aspiring Asian-American artists. As a Filipino-American, Puspos’ passion for the art of dance and music-making enables him to break through the barriers of the entertainment industry.