Maddie and Tae redefine country


Eunice Ramilo

Maddie and Tae’s new hit album “Start Here”

Eunice Ramilo , Photographer

Cowboy boots, cowboy hats and an acoustic guitar. That’s the well-known definition of country music. Or at least that was the definition of this genre until Maddie and Tae came into being, for their music is all but cowboy stuff.

Their new album Start Here, released on Aug. 28, attracted many fans and has greatly impacted their popularity. The album includes many subjects— love, heartbreak, bullying and growing up.

The harmonic duo’s new-hit single “Girl in a Country Song” describes the way women are often portrayed in a country song. They said that they wanted to sing the song from a girl’s point of view and to show that girls are more than just pretty looks.

Maddie and Tae’s music video for “Girl in a Country Song” on VEVO makes a good point on country-girl stereotypes, receiving over 23 million views. The song is also considered “Single of the Year” from the Nashville Scene Annual Country Critic’s Poll. It’s not a surprise that “Girl in a Country Song” received so much recognition for its creative lyrics and fun beat.

Another song that is rising in popularity is their second single “Fly.” Through this, Maddie and Tae served as an inspiration to their fans, saying that it’s all right to have both dreams and doubts. It tells people to keep on climbing, though they might lose their balance at times.

One song that pertains to all people, especially teenagers, would be “Downside of Growing Up” which appears as the last song on the album. The song title mainly speaks for itself since it deals with the idea of becoming more mature and carrying more responsibilities for oneself. Leaving home away from parents’ comfort and getting heartbroken are just some of life’s disadvantages.

But as the song says, “It’s the road you gotta take to get where you’re goin’…you’re gonna twist, you’re gonna turn, but it’s how you’re gonna learn.”

From the start, Maddie and Tae did not expect to become so famous at once. They were just eighteen-year-old girls who decided to write songs about their everyday life and experiences. Now at 20 and 19, Maddie and Tae are making their way to stardom.The mixture of classic country, inspiring lyrics and genuine style are what make Maddie and Tae’s music so unique.