Cara steps out of her pink walls



Picture of nineteen year old Alessia Cara.

Nanor Martirosian, Staff Writer

Parties — drinking, dancing, and extremely loud teens smoking anything they can get their hands on. In Alessia Cara’s hit single with seven million views, “Here,” co written by Sebastian Kole, she represents the girl who will most probably be standing in a corner alone drinking a Capri Sun while all of this is happening.

This song truly sounds like a party song, but in reality is the complete opposite, as it perfectly describes the nonexistent party life of a hidden introvert. This nineteen-year-old Canadian singer is not afraid to share her opinions with her bold, versatile voice and her fresh, unique style.

“Seventeen,” the opening track of Alessia Cara’s debut EP, Four Pink Walls, was not a popular song.

She made this music video herself, like she did a few others. Most lyrics she incorporated didn’t make sense, and she sang almost all of the song in the same tone. “Seventeen” reflects her years as a child and listening (actually ignoring) her parents’ advice, wishing she would grow up faster. She comes to the realization that growing up isn’t something to look forward to, and wishes she could go back (and, oh, don’t we all).

By far her best work, “Four Pink Walls,” describes her life before fame. This upbeat and inspiring song makes you feel like even your craziest dreams can turn into a reality. Sounds cliche, but she starts off “staring up at the ceiling and watching paint dry.” Her vocal capability is quite impressive, and her range can go extremely high, but she doesn’t sound like she’s screaming like most artists do.

Cara is a newbie to the music industry, but she’s already proving herself to be a talented young artist. With her Taylor Swift story telling abilities and her powerful and gravitating Amy Whinehouse-like voice, Cara has great things coming for her.