‘Dune’ movie release goes beyond all expectations



‘Dune’ goes beyond what many people thought the adaptation would be like, as it is considered a large part of the sci-fi genre.

Nicole Ordubegian, Managing Editor

After a long three years of anticipation, the movie ‘Dune’ was released on October 22, 2021. Dune was originally based on the bestselling book series written by Frank Herbert. 

Many people compare Dune to be on the same level as the Star Wars series in terms of being on top of the Sci-Fi genre. Because of this, viewers have anxiously waited since the announcement of the movie to see just how well director Denis Villenueve led the success of the movie. 

Villeneuve went big with this film, and rightfully so. It exceeded all expectations and made the movie worth everyone’s time when it came to seeing this masterpiece. Compared to the original film by director Alejandro Jodorowsky in the 1970s, the 2021 remake hit everything right on the dot. The 2021 film did not disappoint viewers and critics alike at all.  

The movie was very accurate to the first book in the series and set an extremely well developed baseline for the rest of the possible movies in the film series. Considering how much world development is a part of the first book, the fact that the movie perfectly captured the visuals many people, including myself, imagined while reading the book.

The anticipation for the rest of the series to be filmed skyrocketed, especially with the choice in casting. Even the cast for the movie was a good fit and had the same level of accuracy as the characters in the series. Dune definitely benefits from Timothée Chalamet being cast as Paul, the main character, as he shows just how well he can perform as a character that demands a considerable amount of concentration. 

Hans Zimmer, a famous German film score composer and record producer, also composed the score for ‘Dune’. The soundtrack throughout the entire film showcased the level of dramatics and intensity in each scene perfectly. Every moment in the film with Zimmer’s composition added an effect to the already impressive performance by the actors. 

The soundtrack is definitely one of the most important reasons behind the success of the film, with ‘Dune’ debuting at $40 million, possibly ensuring the second part of the series to be filmed. Zimmer created not only an exhilarating soundtrack, but made it unforgettable in scenes that made the viewer uncomfortable (in a good way). 

‘Dune’ is a perfect setup for the rest of the series to be filmed. Villenueve set a perfect segway into the next movie by closing the film with “this is just the beginning.”