‘Ready Player One’ hits laughter and teaches lessons

‘Ready Player One’ hits laughter and teaches lessons

Leslie Chung, Yearbook Section Editor

What if you had the power to control the future and have the entire world in your hands? Well, in Steven Spielberg’s latest film, Ready Player One, the main character, Wade Watts, and the rest of the world are competing in a virtual reality world so that they can obtain this world called The Oasis.

Ready Player One is about a man named James Halliday who created what is now, in the movie, called The Oasis. This was a virtual reality world personally designed by Halliday, which gives the rest of the world hope and escape from the real world. Unfortunately, Halliday dies in the year 2040 and no one is there to inherit his stocks nor The Oasis itself.

However, Halliday created an Easter egg in the game that encourages the entire world to participate. Whoever finds it first inherits everything Halliday has.

However, finding the keys to the Easter egg in the game is hard to do, because no one has been able to locate the first key after the first five years of playing the game.

Throughout the movie, the audience sees Watts’ adventure in finding the rest of the keys and the difficulties he and his comrades go through.

For each key, each obstacle teaches the players lessons such as the importance of teamwork and communication.The players also learn that treasuring the game is also important.

Spielberg and the writers of this movie show the theme well that winning is not the most important aspect of a game. However, Spielberg could have done a better job with showing the characters’ development and the plot, because the movie spends too much time showing the racing scene, which is at the beginning of the movie.

Because of the racing scene, the characters’ development are hard to follow, and the plot seems rushed.

For example, Wade’s love interest, Artemis (Samantha), and Wade seem like they are friends at one moment, but then the next scene shows an untimely love confession from Wade to Artemis. The movie rushes their relationship, and takes little time to show the foundations and bonds before their love.

However, overall, the graphics are amazing in the movie, and the director and writers do an amazing job putting together what a virtual reality world would be like in the future.

This movie is relevant to our world today because technology is developing every single day. In other countries, they have virtual reality games just like the one in Ready Player One.

Ready Player One is a movie worth watching, especially for gamers, because it has a lot of references and puns that gamers and other fans of books and movies would understand.