The Grammys return with a shockingly reduced number of viewers

The iconic Grammy award.

The iconic Grammy award.

The 60th annual Grammy awards took its audience by surprise with its powerful performances, winners and touching tributes to many of the tragic occurrences of the past year. Much of the awards ceremony, which was hosted by the comedic James Corden, consisted of laughs and performances that would make one want to get on their feet and dance. However, with the exciting performances came many emotional ones, one of which included Kesha’s performance of “Praying,” making the entire Madison Square Garden arena burst into tears. Kesha’s performance payed tribute to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, both of which were originated in hopes of combating sexual assault in the entertainment industry.

Besides Kesha, all other award ceremony attendees also paid tribute to the two recently emerged movements. They did this by including a white rose on their behalf. It was inspiring to see so many talented people pay their respect to such an important cause by including a the rose in their red carpet looks. The white rose was chosen since it is known to be a historical representation of hope, peace, sympathy and resistance, according to People.

Since this year’s Grammys lost 24 percent of its viewers compared to the 2017 awards ceremony, according to Forbes, it can be debated whether the show was actually entertaining. Few of the political remarks that were made along with the tribute to the #TimesUp movement seemed to have made the Grammys hit rock bottom compared to other years. Still, the ceremony was unique and stood out from other years, making it fascinating to tune into, despite the issue having to do with a loss of viewers.  

Camila Cabello provided one of the most memorable moments of the night with her speech on being an immigrant of the United States. She shared her support to all the Dreamers from across to world to follow their passions, regardless of immigration status. Moments like these on the Grammys create a sense of encouragement to many viewers who may be struggling to get their name out and across the world.

Bruno Mars was the most awarded of the night, taking home six trophies, one of which included his award for Album of the Year for 24K Magic. Mars’ performance with a newly emerged artist, Cardi B, for their hit single Finesse got many on their feet because of the excitement. Other exciting performances — “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee; and “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson Tiller — got the entire arena up on their feet and dancing.

Although it may have been a slightly arguable year for “music’s biggest night,” many of the awards were well-deserved and the performances surely did not fail to stun the eyes of many.