‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 comes out with a bang!

Fans everywhere are dying over the ending


It all started back in July 2016, when Netflix released a phenomenon called Stranger Things and it was a big hit. Now, one year later, Season Two has aired and fans all around the world, including myself, are shocked.

Set in the 1980s, Stranger Things is a science fiction/horror show about a group of friends who try to solve the mystery of what is happening to their quiet, little town of Hawkins, Indiana. When in an isolated laboratory, some kind of monster, the Demogorgon, has escaped from its holding cell and is killing whoever gets in its way. Not only does this laboratory release a monster, it also releases a little girl who goes by the name Eleven with strange powers, and she might be the only one who knows how to stop the monster. The story continues when one of their friends Will Byers goes missing and it’s up to Eleven and the others to find out why.

Oct. 27 was the release of Season 2 and you bet fans were anxiously waiting to see what happens next. After watching the entire season in one sitting, I realized how well done Season 2 is. Not only did Season 2 explain all the parts that left us hanging in Season 1, but it also gives us more to wait for in Season 3. The best part about the new season is fact that it continues the plot of the last season. Season 2 gets progressively better each episode, causing the entire show to all come together. The first season is good but the second season is better just because it causes the audience to pay more attention to detail since it constantly shows us more about the plot.

The brilliant writers of Stranger Things, Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, have done an amazing job creating a show that reels you in. This season shows more emotion in the characters. Since they are a little older now they really care about what’s going to happen and what they can do to save one another. Also, in this season the show answers most of the questions that fans were dying to find out.

Although the characters go through challenging times, Season 2 of Stranger Things has an absolutely amazing outcome, including solving the mystery of the Demogorgon.  But now the time has come to wait and see what Season 3 has to share.