‘The Walking Dead’s’ seventh season breaks hearts


Photo via wikipedia.org under Creative Commons License

The promotional poster for season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Warning: This writing contains spoilers for fans of this show who have not yet watched Season 7.

“Hi, I’m Negan.” These are three words that ruined the lives of millions watching AMC’s The Walking Dead. Those who have not seen the show may think it’s only about zombies and gore. This is a common misconception, as any true fan will tell you all about how this thrilling, action-packed series is much more than that. Although it’s not uncommon for episodes to be dragged out, the show as a whole does successfully keep viewers returning to find out what happens next.

The most anticipated episode of this season was “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” which revealed Negan’s first victims: Glenn and Abraham. Millions of loyal  viewers who had waited months to discover this expressed their grief through social media. Actors Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz had their Instagrams flooded with fans in disbelief. In this episode, viewers understand the wicked mindset of Negan who has acquired a massive band of cronies and enjoys brutally murdering people and taking their supplies. Jeffrey Dean Morgan proves to be the perfect fit for playing Negan, with a dangerous combination of a cruel and charismatic personality.

Many deem the second episode, “The Well,” one of the most boring episodes in the series so far. The comic book character Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva were finally introduced, but the CGI done to create Shiva was pretty primitive. The episode certainly seemed to prolong an exciting plot event. Fans also speculated romance between Carol and “king” Ezekiel as he gave her a pomegranate. Maybe it was the best part of the episode.

“The Cell” had fangirls in despair as it is revealed how Negan treats the heartthrob of the show, Daryl Dixon, in the confinements of a cell. Again, a pretty uneventful episode, but there was definitely more character development for Negan’s head minion Dwight. I’m sure everyone had an earworm from this episode, as “Easy Street” by The Collapsable Hearts Club kept playing for a good chunk of it as a way to get Daryl to go insane.

The 90-minute special, “Service,” was a step up. Judith isn’t Rick’s child. Shocking? Not really, but still important. Negan and “the Saviors” raid Alexandria of all their supplies and Rick’s tough demeanor and leadership continues to take a full swing in the opposite direction.

With a few episodes left to go, fans are expecting the plot to build up soon. It has been relatively slow-paced with filler episodes, but everyone has been filled with spewing hatred for the new villain’s reign of terror. Achingly depressing, and now even more empty without Glenn and Abraham, Season 7 of The Walking Dead is a “diamond in the rough,” but will be sure to continue to shock and captivate viewers as the plot thickens.