‘American Horror Story’ leaves fans with cliff hangers

Season six of ‘American Horror Story’: Roanoke

The theme for the new season of American Horror Story is called

The theme for the new season of American Horror Story is called “Roanoke”.

Tenny Vasghanian, Design Editor

The first episode of Season Six starts out with a couple in present day, Matt (André Holland) and Shelby (Lily Rabe), on what seems to be a crime television show called “My Roanoake Nightmare”. They tell their traumatic story while it is reenacted by the Matt and Shelby in the flashback played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson.

After season five “Hotel” of American Horror Story concluded in 2015, fans were left to figure out the theme for the next season for the next eight months until Sept. 14 on FX.

Matt and Shelby left the Los Angeles, California to start a family in a “safe” apparatus (very ironic) in North Carolina and as a poor real estate decision, they choose an isolated, abandoned farmhouse built in the 1790s. The couple bought the house in an auction against a trio of eerie men.

Everything for Matt and Shelby continues to spiral downhill mainly for Shelby as she is terrorized by raining teeth, ghostly women in hallways, and straw dolls hung from ceilings and trees.

Towards the middle of the episode, it becomes clear how this season relates to season one, “Murder House.” Just to refresh one’s memory, the first episode of “Murder House” started off with Vivian, Ben and Violet Harmon trying to escape the problems from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California by moving away to another state and another house that turned out to be haunted as well.

The Murder House was filled with the spirits of people who were murdered in the house and left to scare away the people who moved in. One can conclude that the same trauma would happen to Matt and Shelby. However, it is evident that they will survive since they live to tell their story.

There are some conspiracy theories on how all the seasons of AHS are linked. In Season One, Billie Dean Howard, (Sarah Paulson) a medium found by Constance (Jessica Lange) on Craigslist, mentioned to Violet about a town in Roanoke, North Carolina in 1590 where 117 people went mysteriously missing.

These connections are apparent and are not the only ones. Director/writer Ryan Murphy does a phenomenal job for a spooky first episode with the dark setting, leaving viewers at the edge of their seats.