‘Money Monster’ makes other movies pale in comparison

George Clooney stars in the hit action film Money Monster.

courtesy of collider.com

George Clooney stars in the hit action film “Money Monster.”

Unlike any other movie that attempts to combine aspects of comedy, action-adventure and slight amounts of fear, Money Monster actually succeeds at this combination and gives audiences something unique to look forward to watching. It provides entertainment through George Clooney’s amusing jokes and great acting skills and provokes common feelings of opposition and hatred towards corruption.

The film is about a young man who has lost his entire fortune in the stock market (due to a “computer glitch” in the system of a prominent business) and is now looking for answers. This nearly impossible quest leads him to hold a TV host, Lee Gates (George Clooney), along with all of his crew members, hostage with the aid of a gun and bomb attached to Gates. The “computer glitch” in fact turns out to be a problem with the business owner’s secret, corrupt negotiations with leaders in other countries. This enrages all of the characters, as all of their trust has been betrayed and they do not know whom to believe.

A realistic and satirical movie, Money Monster shows how life really is and encourages us that we must fight back against this cruel world.

In the beginning of the movie, the audience thinks that the man that is keeping the TV crew as prisoners, Kyle Budwell, is a crazy, insane lunatic threatening to set off a bomb just because he lost $60,000, nothing compared to the millions that others have lost due to the same stock market crash.

However, as the plot unravels, the audience understands more of the story and begins to sympathize with Budwell, who is merely trying to shed some light on a mystery which has been caused by a corrupt business owner who has affected everyone negatively, something everyone can relate to, since this is a pressing issue in the world today.

Money Monster’s plot is unpredictable. It is impossible to guess what is going to happen next or who will be getting blamed for the entire, complicated scheme. This is a movie worth seeing for those who want an intriguing experience and are sick of the constant stream of movies that are disguised under different names but revolve around the same ideas and themes.