‘Broad City’ Season 3 begins in New York and ends in Israel

Ilana and Abbi find their rhythm and it’s something to behold


courtesy of collider.com

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer create a unique comedy out of a bizarre New York City atmosphere.

Woody Allen did it with movies, and now Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are doing it with TV. The perfectly bizarre and outrageously unique environment that is New York City can provide endless amounts of material for entertainment. Very few artists have perfectly harnessed the insanity of NYC and channeled it into a presentable product for millions of people to enjoy.

Now in its third season, Comedy Central’s Broad City continues to bring phenomenal humor in the most spontaneously authentic NYC attitude. Since the very first shot of the first episode, the show has been notorious for its crude humor and constant quips and one-liners that would only be relevant in an insane atmosphere such as theirs.

The first two season were brilliant and quirky in their own right; however, this season, Jacobson and Glazer have fully developed their own style which has attracted such a huge audience. There is now an understanding between the fans and the girls who created, star in, and write the show; and there is an expectation of what the dialogue and scenarios should be. This whole process is a very rare thing to achieve on network television, especially considering that most shows now come in full seasons made to binge-watch.

The level of intimacy which comes simultaneously with a realistic sense of detachment is pretty unique and qutie a feat. This season was the best thus far and Broad City will most definitely live for as long as Glazer and Jacobson choose to keep it going. Their clever dialogue and awkwardly authentic New York humor is masterful and will always find an audience.