‘The Brothers Grimsby’ pushes all envelopes masterfully


courtesy of collider.com

Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest film is a vile and hilarious action movie that can only be described as “If Bond met Borat.”

There is no question that the most fearless, daring comedian of our generation, and perhaps of all time, is Sacha Baron Cohen. Time and time again, the British comedian has brought characters to life which are always highly controversial and always absolutely hilarious: the talk show host Ali G, Borat the journalist from Kazakhstan, and the homosexual Austrian fashion reporter Brüno, to name a few.

His most recent character is Nobby, a poor, soccer-crazed father of nine children (and grandfather of one) living in Grimsby, an underprivileged city in England. He’s a man who very much loves his family, although the 28-year long absence of his brother has left a hole in his heart. When he finds out his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) will be coming to England, he is overcome with joy and quickly seeks to find him.

He learns, in the rather unpleasant way of completely ruining his mission and having a death warrant issued out to him, that his brother is an MI6 assassin. Sebastian soon realizes that there is no way he can get himself out of this unpleasant situation without joining forces with his dreadfully obnoxious brother.

The film is written largely in part by Baron Cohen himself, undoubtedly making this one of the most standout comedies of the year. The film has some truly hilarious moments of classic British humor and many vile instances of the “I can’t even look” style of humor (which almost earned the film an NC-17 rating) Baron Cohen is so good at taking advantage of.

The purpose of this film is to entertain, and it does just that. The film is not only one of the best comedies of the year thus far but one of the best Baron Cohen films in a long time. Clocking in at just one hour and 23 minutes, Baron Cohen keeps it short and sweet as he has with all his previous films.

This is one of those rare comedies that deserves to be watched in theaters. Aside from being painfully funny, the film does have an interesting action movie plot. It’s kind of like if James Bond had a chubbier, more obnoxious, family man brother and they had to work together on a spy mission.

As long as Baron Cohen is alive and writing new characters, the world of modern comedy will be a thriving one. His genuinely fearless attitude is unmatched by any comedian today and has the capacity to mean something much grander while also being flat-out hysterical. Baron Cohen’s daring creativity must be appreciated and celebrated by watching this film in theaters, and then maybe even going home and watching all his other movies online.

Rating: 7.9/10