A first look at ‘Jason Bourne’


photo courtesy of collider.com

Matt Damon returns to the Bourne franchise for ‘Jason Bourne’ in theaters July 29.

A well-made action movie is pretty difficult to come across these days, especially if you consider the fact that at this point, Hollywood is just popping them out by the hundreds each year. Finding an action movie that can withstand the test of time is quite literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

Arguably the most timeless action movie franchise of modern Hollywood history is the Bourne franchise. Since The Bourne Identity (2002), The Bourne Supremacy (2004), and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), Matt Damon has starred as an ex-CIA spy trying to sort through his difficult, often incomprehensible, past. After the announcement that Damon would leave the franchise, Jeremy Renner was cast as the main man for The Bourne Legacy (2012).

Much to the pleasure of longtime fans of the franchise, it was speculated that Damon would be returning as the lead character of the movie which was simply labeled as Bourne 5 up until now. The speculations were confirmed as the first teaser trailer for the next Bourne movie premiered during the Super Bowl 50.

As expected, Damon will be the leading man with Alicia Vikander starring alongside him in what is now officially entitled, with brevity and class, Jason Bourne. The trailer has all the makings of an excellent Bourne movie: punches, fires, car crashes, beautiful city skylines, Moby’s “Extreme Ways,” and of course, Matt Damon.

Jason Bourne is scheduled for release July 29, giving longtime fans plenty of time to get into the hype and rewatch all the movies, and for those who don’t know who Jason Bourne is, to wake up and smell the sunshine.