American Horror Story: Hotel

“You can check out any night. But you can never leave”

Lady Gaga starring in the new series of American Horror Story.

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Lady Gaga starring in the new series of American Horror Story.

Tenny Vasghanian, Staff Writer

The heart-pounding horror series American Horror Story comes out with their fifth series — hotel. This series is completely jaw dropping, and one would want to look away but simply cannot.  

American Horror Story should not be the first horror series for one to start watching. In the first five minutes, one could already be paranoid and would not feel safe sleeping even with the lights on.

The first episode of American Horror Story: Hotel starts off with foreign girls visiting California. The two check into Hotel Cortez and started to settle in. Why the creepiest hotel out of the hundreds in Los Angeles? I do not know.

Lady Gaga will appear in this season. When it was first mentioned that Lady Gaga was going to star in American Horror Story: Hotel, I was immediately knew she would be perfect for the show. Lady Gaga’s personality matches the show and I was extremely thrilled for her to be in it.

Sarah Paulson’s acting is also phenomenal in the American Horror Story series, and Emmy winner Kathy Bates (playing the role of Iris) does a great job at being perfectly sinister, as she usually does. Other than that, the acting for those foreign girls is pretty average in the beginning.

Towards the end of the show, one could understand the history of Hotel Cortez and the few characters from the first episode. Actors like Evan Peters and Angela Bassett will be featured in later episodes.

Sadly, the talented Jessica Lange will not star in “Hotel” which broke the hearts of many fans.

It is truly the creepiest, bizzarist season of American Horror Story yet, but it should be a good one.