Emmys 2015 full of surprises


photo via wikimedia.org under Creative Commons license

The promotional poster for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards 2015.

The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by the hilarious Andy Samberg, started off with a great opening ceremony. Samberg did a fine job hosting, without teasing the audience or the nominees too much. Of course, there were a few teases thrown to the nominees, but that wasn’t a surprise since most of the previous hosts have done a lot more of that.

Big disappointment went through the audience and the people in front of their TV’s at home during the show when a montage was made to show all the finales of the shows that have ended this year. People went on to complain about the spoiler alert of some of their favorite shows like Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy. This was the worst moment for some people watching the show.

The show continued just like any other year with presenters giving out the awards and the winners giving speeches. One of the most emotional speeches came from Uzo Aduba, who won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Orange is the New Black. Going up on stage, she already seemed very emotional and teary and could barely contain herself on stage. During her speech, Uzo Aduba said, “I love you mostly because you let me be me,” regarding the team that she works with. That line brought her a lot of cheering and clapping from the audience.

Passing on from the topic of speeches, Outstanding Drama Series winner Game of Thrones made a huge surprise by setting a record of winning 12 Emmys. Going against the AMC show Mad Men, the public had a hard time choosing a favorite. In the category for Outstanding Drama Series, there was a lot of competition between the two shows, Game of Thrones and Mad Men.

Most Clark students didn’t seem too surprised with the results. Junior Lily Nazarian said that she was very happy with the outcome because “Game of Thrones was the best show in that category.” Junior Lily Eloyan said that she wasn’t surprised that Game of Thrones won. “It’s one of the best TV shows of all time, and Peter Dinklage definitely deserved best supporting actor because he’s my favorite character in the whole show.”