‘Frostfire’ proves to be a must read

'Frostfire' by Amanda Hocking book cover.

photo via wikipedia.org under Creative Commons license

‘Frostfire’ by Amanda Hocking book cover.

Lilia Lamas, Magazine Editor

Frostfire, by Amanda Hocking, is a book about a young girl named Bryn Aven who, because of her heritage and her past, feels like an outsider in the most powerful troll tribe, Kanin. Frostfire is not like every fantasy book. Frostfire is a must-read book with action, romance and moments of excitement that make the book hard to put down.

Bryan is a tracker and wants to be respected in her world and become a member of the King’s Guard to protect her family. She does not let anything stand in her, even though she is starting to like her boss, Ridley Dresden, the relationship between Bryn and Ridley is forbidden. There is an attack on their kingdom and the man who tried to kill her father years ago, Konstantin Black, shows up in her life again. Bryn tries to put a stop to him.

Hocking has an easy-to-read writing style. She makes the reader very interested because of how fast the sentences come together. The characters in the story are charismatic and the romance keeps one’s interest. Frostfire is a bit confusing at first, with the character names being thrown around. However, the adventure and romance make up for that.

In order to read Frostfire you do not have to read any of Hocking’s other books, such as the Trylle trilogy (Switched, Torn, Ascend) which is set in the same world as the Kanin Chronicles. Frostfire features a different setting and a new story that is easy to understand. The Trylle trilogy is very similar to Frostfire, however it is more of a fantasy read.