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Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings the magic back to the beloved platformer series

Celine Gharapetian
The title screen of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

After over a decade of waiting, fans of the 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. games finally have a brand new game full of wonder to jump into and explore. This newest addition to the franchise is fittingly titled Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Wonder catches the player’s eye immediately with its vibrant color palette, but it goes on another level with its attention to detail in the animation department. For example, each time Mario enters a pipe he reaches back to grab his hat so that it doesn’t fall as he is going down. Additionally, his presence actually causes enemies’ eyes to bulge in fear if Mario gets close to them. These new animations make the characters and the world feel just a bit more alive.

As with any other Super Mario Bros. game, the main antagonist is Bowser, and it’s the player’s goal to take him down at the end of the game; however, instead of the game being set in the Mushroom Kingdom as most are, it is set in the brand new Flower Kingdom. This surprising change brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to the franchise.

The Flower Kingdom is different from the well-known Mushroom Kingdom in many ways. New enemies such as the Bulrushes change up the game for old fans since they can’t be killed in the traditional way of jumping on their heads. This allows even the most well-versed player to have to stop and think about how they should go about fighting an enemy instead of falling back on muscle memory, which creates a more original playing experience. The newest power-up also takes some getting used to as it turns Mario into an elephant that can easily eliminate enemies with the swipe of his trunk which causes it to be easier to take damage because of how much bigger Mario is.

Another great addition to Wonder is the new badge system. This system had been a staple in the Super Mario role-playing games (RPG), but it had never been implemented in any of the 2D Super Mario games until Wonder. Players can either purchase different badges using the in-game currency, or they can gain them by progressing through the game. These badges grant players different abilities that can help them out in certain situations. Some of the most helpful badges in Wonder are the Safety Bounce badge, which allows players to survive if they fall into lava, and the Grappling Vine badge, which essentially gives Mario a grappling hook. These two badges along with the other twenty-two are another way that Wonder personalizes its gameplay experience for each player, allowing them to finish levels in their preferred playstyle.  

However, the best addition and the most memorable feature of the game by far is the new Wonder Flower. There is always a hidden Wonder Flower in each level, and once it is found by the player, it causes the entire level to change in the most unexpected ways. Some flowers can cause Mario to become a rolling spiky ball, or even turn him into the game’s most beloved enemy, the Goomba. They add a unique experience to every level creating a fun and memorable experience for players.

As the next game in the 2D Super Mario Bros. franchise, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is by far the most creative take on a Super Mario Bros. game and has changed the standard of what the next 2D Mario platformers should be like. 

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Celine Gharapetian
Celine Gharapetian, Photo Editor
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