Outer Banks Season 3 Turns the Tide


Alexa Sophia Camanag

Outer Banks, a Netflix original debuted its third season to its beloved fans.

The Pogues are back! 

Outer Banks, also known as OBX debuted its third season on February 23rd. In less than 24 hours it became the number-one TV- show on Netflix. This new season heavily focuses on narration and flashbacks from the previous seasons. To recall there are two groups in the OBX series, the Kooks and the Pogues. The Kooks are the rich people who live on the island’s North Side, whereas the Pogues are the people who work for scraps and live on the island’s South Side.  

The third season contained ten episodes filled with heartfelt romances, eager treasure hunting, and unexpected dangers in plain sight. Outer Banks is a tv series known for its vital action and mysterious treasure-hunting adventures; it revolves around a group of teenagers (the Pogues) eager to find the treasure first. 

Looking back at previous seasons, the Pogues were hunting for the Royal Merchant, the Cross of Santo Domingo, and now a new looming treasure in El Dorado. With a new treasure hunt on the lookout, new villains were introduced as well. The past two seasons the two ruthless Kooks: Ward Cameron and Rafe Cameron, had their eyes set out on the lore of the gold and its tangible treasures. But for this new season, Carlos Singh was introduced as a merciless Caribbean who is on a treasure hunt of his own. 

The Pogues; JJ, Pope, Kiara, Sarah, John B., and Cleo were stranded on an island for about a month and named it “Poguelandia”. They were unexpectedly rescued and returned to the OBX back with their families and devised a plan to look for the new looming treasure in El Dorado. 

Most people might have watched this series back in the summer as it became trending because it is a Netflix original, however many might have forgotten about it due to new shows and movies coming into Netflix.

There were many obstacles and surprises in this season, but besides new villains that were introduced, there were also surprising characters who suddenly returned. Many beloved fans waited for this series for almost two years, and before the third season was released Netflix hosted a special event. This event was solely dedicated to the Outer Banks series and it was known as “Poguelandia”. It took place on February 18 in Huntington Beach, and Netflix surprisingly announced that the series will be renewed and a fourth season will be coming soon. 

P4L, as most fans would say, Outer Bank’s third season is now available to watch only on Netflix.