The Super Mario Bros Movie Review: From the small screens to the big screens


Nare Stepanyan

The main characters, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario, and Princess Peach prepare for their last battle of the movie.

The movie, The Super Mario Bros, is now officially playing in most movie theaters. Fans all over the world have been eagerly anticipating the chance to see their favorite game and characters finally come to life. To those who grew up playing the game, Super Mario holds a special place in their hearts and may have even shaped the way they grew up, which is why this movie has become so popular.

The Super Mario Bros game itself has been a crucial part of the gaming world ever since its production in the 1980s, and now, in 2023, we can mark the first time the game has been adapted into a film. The filmmakers and producers did an amazing job of incorporating the elements of the game and focused more on the actual goal of the game itself, rather than typical and overused movie plots (such as romance or horror).    

Director Aaron Horvath deserves specific recognition for his attentiveness in the details of this beautiful movie. The film uses iconic sound effects and even the catchphrases the characters use in the game, causing a huge sense of nostalgia, making the movie even more accurate.

The voice performers for these characters, in addition to the film makers, did an amazing job in bringing this movie together. Starting with Chris Pratt’s depiction of Mario’s charming characters and catchphrases, all the way to Anya Taylor-Joy’s take on the enigmatic Princess Peach. The cast of this film was able to bring in a different level of charm and humor which was able to capture even the hearts of the most hard core Super Mario gamers. Even to those that aren’t familiar with the game, because of the actor’s amazing talents and witty script, it is great to watch for a lighthearted and funny movie experience.

The visual effects of this movie were the main reason why the “video game experience” was so easily experienced. The bright and colorful settings of the game were brilliantly translated into a fully realized cinematic experience by the film’s creative team. The movie is a visual feast that will keep viewers interested and entertained throughout, from the magnificent Mushroom Kingdom scenery to the fast-paced action scenes.

Not just for fans, but for any casual movie enthusiast, this film is a must-see. It’s a tribute to the legendary game of Mario and just an entertaining adventure overall. Whether movie watchers just simply recognize the characters or are a die-hard Mario fan, this amazing film is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face and leave the feeling of remembering childhood years once again.