Netflix releases Murder Mystery 2


Meri Sahakyan

Nick and Audrey Spits attend the Maharajah’s wedding in traditional lehenga and sherwani.

After Netflix released one of the most viewed comedy and mystery movies according to its top charts, Murder Mystery, it has come out with an even more chaotic sequel, Murder Mystery 2, on March 31, 2023. In a matter of days, both movies appeared on Netflix’s top 10 as viewers tried to gain context to watch the sequel.

The main characters, police officer and failed detective Nick Spitz and his wife, hairdresser Audrey Spitz, filled with ego after they solved one of the most cluttered murder cases in the first Murder Mystery movie, have become full-time detectives. While they are both passionate about their new career, it has been taking a toll on their relationship as they have multiple conflicts about finance and the next steps in their life.

The movie features the luxurious wedding of the Maharajah, who already considers himself a close friend of Audrey and Nick after their adventures in the first movie, to the French model Claudette. From the staggering lehenga, an ankle-length Indian dress, worn by Jennifor Anison to the lively dancing choreographed by Mahina Khanum, the Maharajah’s wedding on his private island exposed viewers to a detailed representation of Indian cultural wedding traditions.

After the Maharajah’s kidnapping, Nick and Audrey decide to do their job and save their friend, but end up on the run as they are blamed for the murder by one of the best detectives in the world, Miller, who ends up convincing the Maharajah’s relatives that they really did kidnap their good friend. 

One of the new features to the Murder Mystery 2 cast is Fransicso, Spanish actor Enrique Arce, famously known for his role of Arturo in Money Heist. Arce is a simple addition to the cast, playing a comical womanizer role who has had love affairs with women all around the world.

Similar to the first movie, the second had plot-twists at what seemed like every scene, each one more exciting and funny than the last. “Even though I enjoyed watching the sequel as much as the original, it felt like the same movie in a different context. The plot-twists were very similar, even at the end of the movie,” said Mane Ghukasyan, a junior who enjoys classic comedy movies. 

Ghukasyan refers to Audrey’s discovery of the real crime at the end of Murder Mystery 1 and 2. She was able to pinpoint the real murderer in both movies all thanks to her past experience as a hairstylist.

Overall, Murder Mystery 2 is a movie anyone can watch and should give a try, especially if the first was entertaining. It takes you through the absurd decisions of Nick and Audrey as they try to not get themselves killed in the streets of Paris. While the movie does not hold a serious meaning behind it, it can be watched with family or friends for a great time.