The Last Of Us, From A PS3 Game To A Show


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The cover image of Joe and Ellie used for the Last Of Us video game.

Arin Tahmasian, Staff Writer

With all the new movies coming out that are based on games, like Uncharted, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and Mortal Kombat, HBO’s The Last Of Us takes the scene with their TV series remake of the famous 2013 PlayStation 3 video game of the same name. It took nearly three years from the announcement back in March 2020 for the series to start streaming. Being the writer and co-director of the first game, Neil Druckmann surprised many fans by also being the writer and director for this first season. The Last Of Us is the first series released on HBO that is based on a video game and it has gained significant popularity because of how much the fans loved and enjoyed the storyline of the game. The series made its debut on January 15, 2023.

The series takes place twenty years into a post-apocalyptic United States. The story follows Joel, a middle-aged man tormented by his past, and his partner, Tess, who are living in an oppressive military quarantine zone. After doing a couple of jobs for a secret group called the Fireflies, who the military zone hates, Joel and Tess are promised a crate of weapons that they never receive. But right when they are about to kill the Fireflies’ leader, they are promised their reward if they smuggle a young teenage girl, Ellie, who is immune to the zombie infection, out of the quarantine zone to a hospital where she might be the answer to creating a cure. What starts as a simple job soon transforms into a brutal year-long journey across the U.S. that forces Joel and Ellie to form a close bond.

The announcement of the show and the first couple of episodes were received by the audience with positive reviews. Through the show’s various filming locations and the actors’ outstanding performance, the audience really enjoyed the first couple of episodes because it gave them the same feeling that they experienced when playing the Last Of Us video game. Being a long time fan of the Last Of Us video game, Rene Mehdikhani said, “Big props to the creators and crew for bringing one of the greatest video games of the past decade to the real world. Every aspect of this show, from the amazing cast to the cinematography and set design – it all perfectly encapsulates the tone and atmosphere from the game, and it all feels real”.

The fans can’t wait to see how the first season of the series will end and if it will end up including all the storylines, details, characters, and maybe even the same ending as its video game.