John Mulaney’s wild journey over the years; from rehab to divorce


Wikimedia Commons

John Mulaney has found himself in controversy as he enters his 18th year in his stand-up comedy career.

Elen Grigoryan, Managing Editor

Former SNL writer, voice actor, and current stand-up comedian, John Mulaney, has found himself in the headlines ever since his tragic divorce and his new relationship. Mulaney had been a rather non-problematic celebrity for many years even throughout his SNL career. He was able to remain relevant without making major news. However, this all changed when Mulaney signed up for rehab for his cocaine addiction. 

Mulaney had always been open about his alcohol issue, as in many of his stand-up shows and in his jokes he had expressed an underlying issue with alcohol and consuming too much of it. Fans believed this was not a prominent issue since Mulaney had gone sober in 2005 for the safety of himself and others around him. Fans thought this was the extent of Mulaney’s substance abuse and never looked too deeply into signs of other addictions. That was until November 2020. 

Mulaney’s appearance on his close friends Seth Meyer’s show was of no surprise; however, his sporadic speaking, hollow face, and strange attire sparked worry. Though he was making his typical jokes, Mulaney seemed out of it, for lack of a better phrase. His presence was so clearly lacking. After this appearance fans began looking at other footage of the comedian throughout the year and found that his behavior was not consistent with his past. Mulaney’s oversized beige coat and red-rimmed sunglasses were quite unusual as well, as Mulaney has always been shown wearing a suit in his T.V. appearances. 

A few weeks after this interview, Mulaney was said to have entered rehab in December of 2020, under the support of his former wife, Anna Marie Tendler. This rumor was not confirmed until after Mulaney’s exit from rehab when he went back to the Seth Meyers show to explain how it all went down. 

As Mulaney explained it, a group of his friends including Meyers gathered together for an intervention for the cocaine-addicted comedian urging him to seek out professional help. Mulaney continued to add that he was high when the whole thing happened and was late to his own intervention. After some convincing, Mulaney entered rehab for two months leaving in February of the following year. 

Fans were happy that Mulaney was getting the help he so desperately needed. Sources were saying that he had gone “completely mad” during Mulaney’s addiction. Everything seemed fine after Mulaney’s exit from rehab until he filed for divorce from his wife. 

What was so shocking about the divorce was that Mulaney had only expressed love for his wife and nothing less of it. He had made numerous jokes about how happy he was in his marriage and how blessed he felt that he had found his wife. Tendler and Mulaney had been married since 2014 and dating since 2010. 

The divorce was finalized in the same month, leaving a fresh out of rehab Mulaney single and alone… for a whole month. In May of 2021, Mulaney was confirmed to be dating Olivia Munn, an actress he had met in 2013. 

Not shortly after, Munn posted an Instagram post showing off her pregnancy. Mulaney was later confirmed to be the father, and in November of 2021, Malcolm Mulaney, John Mulaney’s first son was born. Mulaney has since then posted multiple posts of his son expressing pure joy and happiness with his newborn son. Most recently in June, he celebrated his first Father’s day as a father. 

The comedian continued with his comedy career as well. He announced a tour in late October of 2021 and continued until September 2022. The tour is expected to be released on Netflix titled John Mulaney: Baby J, joining the three other shows Mulaney has released on the platform. In which he will break his bubble of typical likability. Throughout the tour, Mulaney is said to have poked fun at the recent crazy events he’s lived through and sells t-shirts saying, “I saw him right after he got out of rehab.”

Mulaney’s past few years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster, one that neither fans nor Mulaney himself had expected. However, it is a nice constant to see Mulaney back on his feet making his typical jokes and continuing to put smiles on people’s faces.