My Mind & Me – A Look into the Silent Hardships of Artist Selena Gomez


Maria Avanesian

Selena Gomez visiting Kenya for the first time on behalf of the WE Foundation.

On World Mental Health Day, October 10th, Selena Gomez released the trailer for her much anticipated documentary called “My Mind & Me.” The trailer included the song “My Mind & Me,” which was fully released on music streaming platforms on November 3rd, a day before the documentary’s release date. 

Although Gomez’s hardships have been very public, many of the battles she went through had underlying difficulties that society did not know about. As of lately, the media has been shining a light on the mental health of celebrities, but Gomez has taken it a step further. Through her documentary, directed by Alek Keshishian, Selena Gomez has shown the world her raw self — something that is a difficult task for anybody.

“My Mind & Me” focussed heavily on Gomez’s kidney transplant, lupus, bipolar disorder, and her anxiety which ultimately led her to cancel her “Revival” World Tour. The documentary covered Gomez’s life in a span of six years, which ended in Gomez’s attempt to get a bill passed that advocates mental health throughout the school curriculum. 

Running an hour and thirty-five minutes, the documentary is filled with silent moments. Director Keshishian utilizes Gomez’s private journal entries by writing the most powerful lines on the screen while Gomez reads over them. Many people voiced their opinions on tiktok as they posted about their sympathy for her during the scene where Gomez was receiving her lupus treatment; it was very touching. The documentary proved to be filled with many emotions.

The documentary goes more into a personal perspective through Gomez’s coping mechanisms. A method that makes her feel like herself is through the connections she’s made in her past. Gomez visits her childhood home, along with many of her neighbors that she had strong relationships with. Going back to her roots is what grounds her to reality and prevents Gomez’s mental state from depreciating. Many people may find her struggles relatable as she suffers from self-confidence issues.

Despite the fact that Gomez’s problems may seem ordinary to most who don’t know her story, “My Mind & Me” stands out from the rest as it highlights the not-so-desirable aspects of Gomez’s career. Oftentimes, she is found bickering with her best friends or complaining about all the interviews she has to do as she feels like “no one is truly listening.” The documentary is meant to be raw, nothing is sheltered. 

“My Mind & Me” goes deeper into Selena Gomez’s truths about her self image and the mistakes she’s made that she often regrets. Gomez tries her best to make a difference in the media by giving back to the community as she, of all people, understands what it feels like to not be enough.