Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album Releases at the Strike of a Clock


Alexa Sophia Camanag

The anticipation and sleepless nights finally came to end, here are some of the songs from the album Midnights.

Alexa Sophia Camanag, Design Editor

As the clock struck its final tick at midnight, Taylor Swift fans reloaded the screen desperately trying to load the much awaited album, Midnights.

It was the night of the MTV Video Music Awards, August 28th, and well-known artist Taylor Swift held her head high and proud as she accepted her award for “video of the year,” from her hit-music video “All Too Well.” In her acceptance speech, Swift shocked fans with her announcement of her tenth studio album titled Midnights which was going to be released on October 21st. 

After her unexpected announcement, Swift quickly ramped up promotion on the album with the reveal of her tracklist. Unlike other artists, Swift revealed the title of the 13 tracks one by one on random midnights. Fans across the globe waited for the clock to hit 12 (Eastern Standard time) and had to wait late into the night due to time zone differences.

Swift used a bingo cage to help reveal each track at random order. This became known as “Midnight’s Mayhem With Me”. The reveal of each track reached many through Instagram and TikTok where the event was held. 

After the reveal of the 13 tracks, only 13 sleepless midnights were left before the much awaited album was released. Swift used repetition of numbers and references to past albums in her reveal which created a magical sensation for fans.

After much waiting, the album made its dramatic debut on the midnight of October 21st. The top four songs that received the most streams were: “Anti-Hero,” “Lavendar Haze,” “Snow on the Beach,” and “Midnight Rain”. 

Senior Dainy Laguna said, “my whole interpretation of Midnights was a mixture between Reputation and Lover combined, and the maturity of Folklore.” 

When Swift produced Reputation it was inspired for people who tried to find love, as they faced tumultuous events. For Lover, however, this album showed what love truly was: both passionate and magnificent. And lastly for Folklore, this album was wistful and full of escapism. Laguna was surprised with the release of Swift’s new album, but she loved the aesthetic of Midnights overall. 

This album is very different compared to the albums Swift produced before. Midnights showed the full picture of the intensified feelings Swift felt: a complicated relationship she dealt with. The new found freedom and insight she acquired, but also the hidden vicious terror and insecurity that uprised. 

Many of the lyrics of Swift’s songs resemble late-night ruminations, the pressure of life, aging, and the true meaning of love. 

As the hours went by, Swift surprised her fans with an expanded version of Midnights titled Midnights, (3am Edition) that consisted of seven tracks: “The Great Way,” “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” “Paris,” “High Infidelity,” “Glitch,” “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve,” and “Dear Reader”. 

The anticipation and amount of sleepless nights Swift’s fans endured was definitely worth the wait. The album Midnights emphasized modern pop and illustrated a level of maturity, belonging, and connection to Swift’s beloved fans.