Formula 1 Drives its Way to Popularity



Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc struggles to match Red Bull’s competitive pace this season.

Every Sunday, viewers around the world rise before the sun, or stay up past the moon’s ascension to the sky to watch these drivers risk their lives on the track. 

Formula 1 has recently had a surge in popularity in the U.S. and to a younger audience as well. More specifically, Ferrari has finally beaten their streak of bad luck and bad race results to begin competing for the Constructors Championship. 

Although there is an American-based Formula 1 team, their lack of success led to a lack of popularity in the U.S. The Haas F1 team has had many troubles over the seasons they have participated; with the lack of sponsors and lack of a reliable racing car. 

Over the past couple of years, the last name Hamilton and Mercedes have been synonymous with Formula 1. Hamilton has led the driver’s championship from 2017- 2020. Max Verstappen with Red Bull Racing has halted his streak, and has been dominating Formula 1 ever since. 

Newly signed drivers such as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. to Ferrari add fresher faces and driving styles to Formula 1, as well as a prestigious level that Ferrari has been unable to reach for a long time. 

Formula 1 has its own unique terminology and terms coined for specific purposes. For a deeper understanding of the sport and behind the scenes of past seasons, Drive to Survive is a great way to be introduced to the luxurious world of Formula 1. 

Netlflix’s documentary on Formula 1, entitled, Drive to Survive was released in 2019, and since then has topped Netflix’s charts, ultimately showing Formula 1’s newfound popularity. 

The Miami Grand Prix that was recently added to the 2022 season also introduced a way for Americans to get exposed to the world of Formula 1.  Many high-profile celebrities such as Bad Bunny, Gabrielle Union were in attendance; as well as (arguably) some of the greatest sports stars of all time. David Beckham, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton posed for a photo that went viral on ESPN’s instagram account. 

However, some Europeans are upset about the attention Formula 1 has been receiving in the states, as it has always been more of a European thing. However, as a new fan, the sport has a sense of stressful, anxiety-inducing and exhilarating moments; similar to the 20 drivers that line up on the grid on Sundays. The reach this sport has to groups of people is unmatched; every fan is passionate about their favorite team, and is glued to their screens when things go horribly wrong, or perfectly right.