Tik Tok Gives Way to Yet Another Pandemic Trend


Though a single crochet project can take a while the end product is rewarding.

Anush Melikyan, Yearbook Section Editor

Yarn crafts like crocheting or knitting are stereotypcially often associated with grandmas or old cat ladies but recently, through the thousands of videos on social media platforms, yarn crafts have become the newest fashion fad amongst teens.

Affordability seems to be the key to teens picking up their needles and yarns as many attempt replicating garments that belong to celebrities or that would otherwise be well out of price range. Singer Harry Styles’ rocked a JW Anderson patchwork cardigan at a Today Show rehearsal near the start of the pandemic. Styles’ cardigan sparked a viral crocheting trend on TikTok as creators aimed to recreate the colorful cardigan. Millions of videos of creators recreating the cardigan in different colors, lengths, and styles have gone viral.

Many creators have uploaded videos showing tutorials for bags, sweater vests, cardigans, plush animals, and blankets. Not only is the recreation of celebrity clothes a major reason for the surge of crocheting, but the growing movement to quit fast fashion has also played a major role in the popularity of crocheting. Handmade clothing allows one to make unique and creative pieces that fit their style. “Crocheting is really relaxing and with all the tutorials on Tik Tok I can make clothes and other items in an affordable and eco-friendly way,” sophomore Ilona Harutyunyan said. “Though a single project can take days I love the feeling I get when I know that I made what I am wearing.”

Aside from Styles’ famous cardigan, plush animals have been the center of attention on TikTok too. Plush animals like bees and frogs have gotten so popular on Tik Tok that many creators have been making and selling them on websites like Etsy and Depop. “Especially during the early months of quarantine, I saw so many viral videos of the plush bees, Harry Styles’ cardigan, and sweater vest on Tik Tok and it all made me want to start learning how to crochet so I could make projects too,” sophomore Nare Babakhanian said. “The bees really drew my attention and after two weeks I was able to make one. Though it took me a long time, it really was a relaxing experience.”

These viral videos of crocheting, like many other Tik Tok trends, have created yet another flourishing community on the platform for users to share their creativity through colorful strings of yarn.