Hogwarts is still our home 13 years later



Under #dracomalfoy, there are hundreds of tiktoks that add up to 7.2 billion views.

Anisa Alam, Staff Writer

Nearly a decade later, Harry Potter continues to influence and attract readers around the world. According to Forbes,  as of 2020, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone alone has made over $1 billion, and the  complete Harry Potter series accounts for 25 percent of the top 32 greatest money makers. The Harry Potter franchise is one of the highest-grossing media franchises to date, and the wizarding world has viewers coming back for more. 

Starting the first week of September, Harry Potter has also been making a comeback on TikTok, with 15- 60-second videos about the series amassing billions of views. Hashtags such as #harrypotter (14.0 B Views), #dracomalfoy (4.2 B Views), #hogwarts (3.2 B Views), and #slytherin (2.1 B Views) are among the most watched. 

Fans have particularly taken an interest in everything Draco Malfoy, and all things Draco and Slytherin seem to be trending. There has even been a branch of Tiktok labeled “dracotok” expressing the fans’ love and admiration for the character. Actor Tom Felton is currently active on the app and has addressed this trend with amusement.  

Kids all over the world have grown up reading Harry Potter, and it has played a great role in the childhoods and personal growth of many. Since 1997, the year Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published, readers have fantasized about going to school in Hogwarts and being a part of the “golden trio.” Now that Harry Potter is trending once again, fans are hit with a wave of nostalgia, and the desire to be a part of this fictional world resurfaces. 

Harry Potter has always been popular, but with that popularity there was a stigma around each house. Many people associated Gryffindor with being basic, Slytherin with being cruel and having wicked intentions, Hufflepuff with being weak, and Ravenclaw with being “know it alls.” This recent wave, however, has combated the stereotypes with each house, and perspectives have shifted.

Now, people take pride in their House and form a community based on their Hogwarts House. Harry Potter not only fascinated readers, but also created a sense of community as readers were able to belong to a certain House. Harry Potter is more than just a book series, it is home.