Zara opens a huge store in Glendale Galleria

Teens discover new shopping opportunities


Natella Muradyan

The new Zara store which opened recently in the Glendale Galleria.

Natella Muradyan, Photographer

“I always wished that Zara would open in Glendale Galleria,” said junior Anna Ghazaryan. “Now I don’t have to go all the way to Sherman Oaks or Pasadena to be able to shop from Zara.” The news of the Spanish retailer Zara opening a store in Glendale Galleria has people going ecstatic.

The gigantic store, and Zara’s ninth LA-area store, includes clothing for men, women, children and babies. The store being divided into these sections makes it even easier to find items.

Junior Ani Petrosyan said that the store looks nice both from the outside and inside. “I love how neatly organized the store is,” she said. “It just makes me want to shop there even more.”

Not only are many Clark students happy to welcome the store, but the store’s location causes even more excitement. “Americana is a common hangout place for a lot of people, so it’s nice that people can hang out there while also being able to shop at their favorite store,” said junior Alex Karapetyan. Seems perfect, right?

My experience at Zara was a little different.

Let’s start with the unreasonable prices: why should someone pay $50 for a plain white shirt at Zara if they can buy it for $20 at some other store? I would recommend for those who are on a budget to look for clothes in other stores before buying it from Zara.  However, most of the clothes there have great quality which might make up for the price.

Regarding the employees, the cashiers didn’t seem to be too excited about working there. This might be because Zara is a newly opened store and they are getting too many customers; hence, that may be why the line was so long when I was there. As a result, they might just be tired, but they should still be a little more welcoming since it’s their job.

Some of the employees showed little excitement about working at Zara, and some didn’t know the location of certain items in the store. When asked where the black fedoras were located, one of the employees said that she was busy doing something, and would ask another employee. It’s better to just say, “I don’t know,” than spend her time asking some other employee, which I could have done. The second employee wasn’t much help either, because she said that the fedoras should be found around the store.

It’s not entirely fair to blame the employees because it is a new store, and they are most likely getting familiar with the store’s layout.

At the end of the day, I was pretty happy since I was able to get many clothing items from there that I liked. Oh, and the black fedora? Yeah, I was able to find it and I didn’t hesitate for a second about purchasing it.